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Christopher Vargas

New member
Good day!

My name is Christopher Vargas, the main designer and creator of Penguin Design Studios Miami. We are a Graphic Design Company located in South Florida. Our business enjoys expanding telecoms employment opportunities for any of your great students;
great effect,
enthusiastic dedication,
and charismatic.

We know that you are some of the most dedicated and hardworking students in the world and would love to be able to work with you personally.

We are looking for anyone who is presenting more than 15 hours a week to assist in the role of online assistant time assistant.

Essential Skills:
Internet access with reliable wifi connection
fluent in both written and spoken English
Can type 45 + words / minute
Please share this information with any or all students
You qualify. We would love your students with this international career opportunity. Thank you!
Payments will be negotiated

Please reply in English

Christopher Vargas,

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