Luận văn The reflection of the power of money and the sense of sacrifice in some of O. Henry’s works



Chapter 1 Introduction
1.1 Rationale
1.2 Research aims
1.3 Organization of the thesis
Chapter 2 Literature Review
2.1 O. Henry’s presentation of the power of money and human love found in previous research
2.2 O. Henry (1862 – 1910) and his literary career
2.2.1 O. Henry’s overall background
2.2.2 O. Henry’s literary career
2.3 Summaries of O. Henry’s selected works
2.3.1 Mammon and the Archer
2.3.2 The Furnished Room
2.3.3 After Twenty Years
2.3.4 The Romance of a Busy Broker
2.3.5 The Gift of Magi
2.3.6 The Last Leaf
2.3.7 A Service of Love
Chapter 3 Research Methodology
3.1 Research question
3.2 Materials
3.3 Procedure
Chapter 4 Results
4.1 The expression of the power of money in O. Henry’s selected stories
4.1.1 Money as means to satisfy people’s demand
4.1.2 Money as a drive to fool people
4.2 The human love in O. Henry’s selected stories
4.2.1 Love in The Gift of Magi
4.2.3 Love in A Service of Love
4.2.2 Love in The Last Leaf
4.3 The special effects expressing O. Henry’s viewpoint on the power of money and human love
4.3.1 Plot making technique
4.3.2 The twist ending
4.3.3 The vividness of details
4.3.4 Language use and classical style
Chapter 5 Conclusion, Limitations, Implications, and Suggestions for Further Research
5.1 Conclusion
5.2 Limitations
5.3 Implications
5.4 Suggestions for further research
Appendix 1
Appendix 2
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